How to travel as a witch

My journey into witchcraft began after I graduated college, but I’ve had an intense interest in the mystical arts my entire life. I’m still a beginner witch, but I’m proud of where my practice is today: a solid foundation, and one that is deeply personal.

I try to be a little magical each and every day, but traveling and practicing my craft has proved to be difficult. Going without my altar, go-to herbs, and several tarot card decks forces you to get creative. But finding new ways to engrain magic into my daily routine has been one of my favorite things about traveling.

I can take the pressure off my practice. It’s easy to get jealous of advanced witches or ones who have been practicing since they’ve been young. Maybe they even have someone in their family to teach them. I plan to be this for my children and grandchildren 😉

If you start to engrain a little magic into your everyday life, it gets easier to bring magic with you wherever you go.

Here are some go-to magical items that I bring with me on my travels:

I have a few crystals that I take with me wherever I go. They are my foundational go-tos, and they’re small enough to fit into a handy jewelry bag. I make sure I connect to them a few times a week, to make sure our energy is flowing.

I’m also not against buying a few more crystals if I feel called to a specific one while at an occult shop or a market. It’s a good way to practice letting go of old energy and letting new energy enter your life.

If fire is part of your witchy practice (whose isn’t?), then I recommend a candle stand or tiny cauldron to practice fire safely. Get some small candles, like birthday candles, so they don’t take forever to burn out. Also, I put my fire spells in the bathtub or the sink, so there’s nothing flammable around and it’s a safe place for the fire to burn out.

Write in your witchy journal.

Keeping a journal is highly recommended for your practice. Writing down spells, affirmations, or releasing your anxiety is very healthy. I love scripting how I want to feel and what type of energy I want to bring into my life. Journaling late at night underneath the stars is very powerful, so try it!

Collect a few go-to herbs that fit in your personal bag. Maybe collect some thyme, rosemary, rose petals, cinnamon, and herbs that are easy to find and regularly used in most spells. The grocery store will be your best friend on your witchy travels. But, starting off with a few small herbs in tiny jars can save space.

At times, I’ve had to leave some herbs behind to make room in my suitcase. It doesn’t bother me, because it allows me to be creative with my spell casting, and lets me bring new items into my practice.

Charge your everyday objects, like your jewelry. I love charging my jewelry and my makeup to feel beautiful, for protection, for money…anything! When I’m doing my makeup I love to say affirmations over myself or give myself compliments or tell myself how my day is going to go.

Visualization/meditation in the shower

Know when the moon cycles are, and commit to a small ceremony on new moon and full moon days.

Quick Money Spell: