The Best Cafes to work from in London

I’ve been traveling London and working remotely fulltime for about a month now, so I think I can recommend my favorite spots to eat/drink and get some work done in.

#1. Host Cafe in something Church

I really loved my time in the host cafe. There is something very peaceful about doing laptop work/studying in a place of worship. The atmosphere is really calming and everyone there is also getting a bit of work done. If you want to stay for longer than 1.5 hours, then you have to secure a reservation of up to four hours. The 10 pound reservation includes two coffees, and your own spot for four hours. It’s a good way to spend the afternoon when you still want to get to a London relic and get your assignment in on time.

#2 The British Library

Now this has quickly become my personal favorite. If you want the free option, and you really desire that studious academic vibe, then I can’t recommend The British Library enough.

It’s such a beautiful building, and usually has exhibits going on, like the study of Paul McCartney’s lyrics! You could spend hours just wandering throughout the Library.

Now, there are plenty of seats throughout the library, but they’re usually very overcrowded, and sometimes there are no public seats at all!

If you want peace and quiet, I recommend getting a library card. I sort of got a library card by accident, but it was the best accidental decision of my life. If you have a library card, you can use the Reading Rooms, where everyone is super quiet and there are tons of fancy seating for you to work for hours on end.

The Library is open every day until 8 pm, so you could spend hours getting your work done. It’s my favorite free option, and quickly became my favorite spot to get work done!

#3 Grind

Looking for somewhere to get some coffee during the day, and some fancy cocktails at night? Then look no further than Grind.

I stumbled upon grind after a stressful day and was so happy to land somewhere cute for a drink. I love the atmosphere of grind. Pink and black decor with some of the best drinks in London.

I recommend the Coventry Garden location. It’s a great place to set up for an afternoon coffee which can quickly turn into an evening cocktail. You have to purchase a small plate with your cocktail, and I seriously had the most amazing hummus at Grind.

#4 Pub

Who said you can’t drink and work? Sometimes, I get sick of the coffee house, and I just want a good oldfashioned pint.

One sunday afternoon, I simply posted up in a pub, had a few pints and pounded out an assignment. I recommend spell check if you’ve been drinking.

I used to think I could only work in cafes, but you could certainly get your work done in a pub! No one is going to judge you, I promise. If it’s particularly busy, then the staff might get pissed if you’re holding up a table. But if you’re in an empty pub, might as well get dinner while you’re at it!

#5 Other Cafe?