The Best Park near San Francisco: Muir Woods

If you’re looking for a beautiful, mystical hike near the hilly city, then I can’t recommend Muir Woods enough. Redwoods

You’ll step through multiple climates in the range of five minutes.

This hike is impossibly beautiful, and you can either spend your time frolicking through the mist, or you can zoom through their classic hike.

Must knows:

Sometimes, it can get freezing and then really hot, so wear layers appropriately.

You have to book a reservation. The earlier the better. We reserved an 8:00 hike time and by the time we finished around 10:30/11:00 the line of cars was INSANE. It would completely ruin the peacefulness of the day. So set your alarm, prep your coffee machine the night before, and make it an early evening so you arrive at your hike well-rested and awake.