My Favorite Tarot Card: The Lovers

Welcome to a series about my favorite Tarot Cards. I have been reading for five years now, and Tarot Cards have become somewhat of an obsession of mine.

The Lovers:

Simple description:

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Common Symbolism:

I love The Lovers because who isn’t attracted to love? Love makes the world go round, love makes the world a better place. And everyone is always chasing their other half, the one who completes them, the one who gives them a reason to wake up in the morning. But what I love about The Lovers, is that half the time, it doesn’t refer to a potential lover who relationship. Unless in the presence of other cards. But, The Lovers, can represent a decision, a choice, reconciling with two paths and deciding which ones hurts the least. Reconciling with two parts of yourself, light and dark, two sides of your personality. The Lovers represents a challenge, a question, and a lot of reflection is required to choose the best answer. And yes, i it can also mean success in relationships, marriage, career decisions, choosing the right path. Many Tarot Cards rely on a spread to tell the full story…