A beginner’s guide to meditation

Meditation entered my life during the summer of ’16. Its power took me by surprise, and I bonded with mediation overnight. It saved me during one of the worst depressions of my life.

I was lucky to visit The Rubin in New York, a museum dedicated to Eastern Asian art and studies. An old professor of mine was speaking at the museum about his newly released novel, and I went to maintain the connection. I nonchalantly picked up a book about meditation and it opened up a whole new world for me.

I tell you about my story as you may be able to relate to it. Perhaps you’re looking for guidance, to expand your knowledge of meditation, or to expand your mind.

I can’t recommend these teachers enough:

These teachers should become staples on your journey, but here are a few quick ideas to get you started.

Read a beginner’s book. The blueprint. Here are the books I recommend starting with:

Youtube it. There are Youtube videos about everything. Search:

Dedicate a space to it in your house. Commit to putting your phone aside for ten minutes. Try it out at different times during the day. Some people like it first thing in the AM, right before bed (me), or some people need a middle-of-the-day reset. Find whatever works best for you. It’s also okay to change up your daily meditation time to the changing of your spirit.

Go easy on yourself. Can’t stop thinking about loading the dishwasher or what there is to cook for dinner? Congratulations, you’re human.

Struggling to get past the count of 6 during in-breath, out-breath? You’re a psycho. Just kidding.

Meditation is all about acceptance. You can’t expect yourself to make the impossible happen. Take it easy and gentle on your beginner’s journey with meditation.

Have fun! Meditation should bring some enjoyment and peace back into your life. I hope it allows space for new things in your life.